About Denise Leichter - A few words, press and interviews
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Denise Leichter is a writer and artist. After studying German Philology and Theater, Film and Television she decided to focus on her writing. Since 2013 she has experimented extensively with art forms and techniques beyond the written word like photography, mixed media and sculpture. A recurring theme in her works is the attempt to unite and connect what is often perceived as being different from each other. Through concept, use of material or visual expression she attempts to blur the lines of definition and preconceived ideas. In her Formenhattan project she does that by visually comparing the islands of urban Manhattan and Mediterranean Formentera—similar in size, one with 1.6 million residents, the other with just 12,000. As the Diario de Ibiza states „Through the composition, the image motifs, the perspective or the details, the german photographer really achieves to establish parallels which in theory seemed impossible“. The Twilights series, which incorporates the notion of Déjà View, winner of the 2016 Artspace Artist Search and available at Artspace.com, focuses on the contrasting images the city reflects. The dreamlike, distorted reflection of the straight, rigid glass and steel structures derives beauty through the tension of representation. Consequently blurring the line between photography and painting, the closer the viewer gets to the artwork, the more one reality seems to disintegrate as they approach to enter the other. Also in 2016 Leichter had her first solo exhibition at the Sala d’Exposicions Ajuntament Vell in Formentera.

Born and raised in Frankfurt, Germany she lives and works on the sunny island of Formentera, Spain.