Continuum - Denise Leichter
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A meditation on the space between reality and longing


There is a moment when traveling by train that I consider almost transformative. It happens when I slowly start giving myself into the journey ahead as the train steadily takes on more speed, and then, suddenly, the last house of the city gives way to the open countryside. For that fraction of a second, in that space between what is, what could be and what could have been, I become present.


By recreating and therefore abstracting this moment it becomes a reflection on both the lived life and the wished for. To say it with Albert Camus, there is a gap between what we want and what we can have, and that gap is our link, our connection to the world.



In order to make the experience of time and space palpable when experiencing the artworks in a gallery setting, I chose a large-size print format.


Art, Photography