Formenhattan - comparing the islands of Formentera and Manhattan
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This ongoing photo project was born from the fascinating fact that the Mediterranean island of Formentera is just about the same size as the island of Manhattan, but only counts about twelve thousand residents compared to the latter’s 1.6 million. Which shapes – within that literal frame an island sets – everything. From architecture and infrastructure to social interaction and atmosphere. The intention of comparing Formentera and Manhattan is to make the viewers aware of their similarities through their differences.


All photos shown here were part of the artists solo exhibition at the Ajuntament Vell in Formentera, Spain in 2016. They were printed as Digital C-Prints and mounted on aluminium dibond. The small sized artworks were furthermore mounted under acrylic glass. Sizes vary between 20×10 cm, 60x40cm, 80x40cm and 120x40cm. Please inquire for more information including prices and availability.


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